f eVErything it's okEy!!: sUCCESS

Monday, 4 June 2012


Success is d0ing the bez u can.
in as many as u can,
it is being juz a h0nest n true,
n0t in a few thng,but in everythng u d0
alwayz l0ok ahead n nvr l0ok bck,
blieve in the bez u can be,
n hve faith in the thing u can d0,
f0rget ab0ut mistakes u mde yestrday,
the less0n u learn wll pr0ve t0 be
valuable 4 t0dy.
nvr give up n think tht u're thr0ugh
f0e there's alwayz t0m0rr0w n a
chance t0 begin new..

it is in dreaming the greatest dreams
n seekng the higest g0als
tht we build the brightest t0morrow
whateva it is tht u seek in life,
whatevr u dreams n wht u h0pe t0 achieve whatevr u try
t0 reach
whatevr u plan
can all b y0urs if u only believe u can!!
cause miracle only happens when u believe....

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